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Our chip sales are done only through the site. Phone, facebook, skype etc. We do not have sales with alternative methods such as. Please be careful in this regard against fraud.

Chip Sales as a Member

First, determine the amount of chips you want to purchase and add a basket. To review current chip pricesBuy Zynga Poker Chip syou can visit our page.

You can see your basket by clicking on View basket after adding the basket amount you want to purchase.

If you do not want to buy another item, click on Go to Checkout page at the bottom right of your basket.

If you have already been a member, you can login. If you are a member for the first time, create an account on the order page? .

We fill in the requested information completely. Your surname, your e-mail address for ordering information, your address for invoice only city. Your mobile phone and your e-mail and password to transfer will be complete.

You can place an order by clicking one of the options Money Transfer / EFT or Credit Card Payment.

Sell Chip Without Membership

By doing all of the above, just click “Create account?” You do not have to pay before clicking the option. You can order chips without a member.


  • At least 100 thousand (100k) chips have to be found in your account for transfer. If you have a chip under 100K in your account, you can not sell chip. If your account has 8M or more chips, your order will be put forward.
  • There is no question that your account will be penalized after the transfer or you will not be disappeared if it is completely banned. Shopping with that in mind.