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How Can I Buy Zynga Poker Chip?

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To buy Zynga Poker Chip you can buy it from the Zynga Poker Chips page by selecting the product you want to buy. You can place an order by filling in the information requested on the payment page.

How Is The Transfer Done?

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In order to make a zynga poker chip transfer, you need to write your facebook email address and password to be zynga poker chip transferred on the payment page. It is not possible to suspend your penalty or account due to transfer from our private transfer system. If you receive a penalty or your account is suspended after the transfer, this is caused by you. These reasons are listed below, but one of the most important factors for these reasons is that when you buy chips, there is a lot of chip available in your account. That’s why we advise you to chip before you buy a chip. If you don’t have a chip, you can get a game card.

Causes of Suspension and Punishment of Zynga Poker Account?

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Banned: Your account has been permanently suspended if your account has a post in the image below. You can appeal to Zynga. Lifting the strap is unlikely.

Temporary Sentencing: If your account has a post in the picture below, you have been fined and your account has been temporarily suspended. If you choose Clause 1, your account will be returned with 10% of the entire chip in your account, assuming you have read the rules and accepting the penalty. (The maximum returned chip is 1 million chip) You can object by choosing Article 2. In case of objection form, write and send your membership email address, date of birth and anything you want to add. You will receive positive or negative feedback by email from the support team. Check the email box to which your membership is linked.

Criminal Causes

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– Amateur chip transfer / team game.
– Insults, profanity, violence, porn or profile picture or nicknames.
– Using additional programs that will affect the game, intentionally disconnect.
– Zynga violates the terms of service. Please click here for Zynga Terms of Service.

Attention: As of April 2018, zynga seizes the chip and penalizes the accounts. Banned DOH etc. There is no operation. Zynga make capture and delete the chip in account.

What You Should Do to Prevent Suspension or Punishment from Your Account

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Open only one zynga texas holdem account via the same browser. Do not open more than one znga texas holdem account on the same computer. If you open another account, you need to clear all your browser history completely after closing the current open game. There are utilities for this. The CCleaner program will help you with this. We encourage you to install the Ccleaner program, which is completely in Turkish and will help you to improve your computer performance.- Do not transfer from your account to anyone.
– Don’t talk abusive in the game, do not play games with another friend at the same table.
– Please leave at least 4M-10M game chips in your account. You will reduce your ban risk from us at the time of purchase.
– Get the chip on znga texas holdem as weekly / monthly as possible or upload with zynga game card. The reason we recommend this is that when you receive a chip from the system, your account will show a little more certainty.

My Chips Stolen / My Account Suspended How do I Object?

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You can withdraw your stolen game chips by complaining. For this you need to write to zynga support team. You need to be active and able to use your e-mail address belonging to your account stolen to contact Zynga support team. Click here to connect to the Zynga Support Page. Click on CONTACT US on the right side of the page you are linking to.
1) Application: Zynga Poker
2) Platform: If the computer is Web and Mobile phone, choose according to the operating system.
3) Problem: Game Play
4) What devices were you playing with? : The device and the type of the game you are playing.
5) What device model do you have? : Device model
6) Name, surname, e-mail information.
7) What is your Game ID or Username? : The e-mail address of the account you are playing.
8) Time of Issue: How long you’ve been playing. You can leave it blank.
9) What Language do you want? : Language selection. Please select English.
10) Write your question and send it. It is preferable to write in English. You can write using Google translate. The answer will be sent to your e-mail address.

How do I provide Facebook Account Security?

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A) Privacy Settings
Click the arrow to the right of Home in the top right of your Facebook account and click on yaz Privacy Settings Facebook. Click Bağlantı Edit Settings ”in the” How to Connect ”option on the page that appears. Change the boxes that are ”Everyone iniz to“ Friends “or” Only Me ”.

B) Account Settings
Click the arrow to the right of the main page at the top right of your Facebook account and click te Account Settings Facebook. Click tık Security “on the left hand page. Click ları Edit ıs to the right of ”Input Approvals“ on the third line. Check the cep Let me enter a security code when an unrecognized computer or device attempts to access my account unuz box, you will enter your mobile phone here, then enter the confirmation code from your mobile phone and confirm your phone. And this way, if you are trying to enter someone in your account from a place other than the one you are currently using, you will receive the sms code with your mobile phone. Without entering this code, someone cannot enter your account even if you know your password. Even after that, when you try to log in from a computer other than your own computer, you will not be able to access your account without entering the confirmation code that comes to your mobile phone. Note: You cannot do this if you receive a warning that çalış Please check the browser settings m when you click the ayar Let me enter a security code when an unknown computer or device tries to access my account tıkla checkbox. To do this, log in to your account for 1-2 weeks on the same computer, same ip, and the same browser. Once you have done this, the login confirmation with sms will also be active in your account. We also recommend opening the Safe Navigation option at the top.

What are Your Recommendations?

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Your Account will be highly secure once you have written in the A and B options in clause 6. We also recommend that you take the following information into account;- As a message or notification; you’ve earned a bonus, your account will be closed, your daily bonus, etc. do not click on any posts or links with content.
– Please do not accept the request of friends, especially women’s profiles from people you do not know. Do not read your messages.
– Don’t click on links that people you don’t know.
– Always use an up-to-date anti-virus. To download AVG Antivirus, which is a free antivirus, click here.
– When you click on a link on Facebook, or a message from someone, etc. If you are redirecting to a page again on Facebook and have a page asking for your E-Mail and Password, never enter. Write your Facebook E-Mail and Password only on www.facebook.com. Apart from this, in no way do you enter your E-Mail and Password even if you are in Facebook.

Payment Methods


Credit Card and Debit Card

You can shop securely with your Credit Card or Debit Card.

BTC or Other Cryptos

You can place your order with Bitcoin and many other crypto payment methods.

Wire Transfer / EFT

You can pay to 10 different bank accounts. Only it works in Turkey.
Bank Accounts

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Ziraat Bank (Kartsız İşlem Masrafsız)

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 1333
Hesap Numarası : 62729548-5005
IBAN : TR31 0001 0013 3362 7295 4850 05

Yapı Kredi (Kartsız İşlem Masrafsız)

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 00203
Hesap Numarası : 43991191
IBAN : TR57 0006 7010 0000 0043 9911 91

Akbank  (Kartsız İşlem Masrafsız)

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 0171
Hesap Numarası : 0125140
IBAN : TR28 0004 6001 7188 8000 1251 40

Finans Bank  (Kartsız İşlem Masrafsız)

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 00357
Hesap Numarası : 57244703
IBAN : TR79 0011 1000 0000 0057 2447 03

İş Bankası  (Kartsız İşlem 2.50 TL)

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 3435
Hesap Numarası : 0566170
IBAN : TR24 0006 4000 0013 4350 5661 70

Vakıf Bank

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 4
Hesap Numarası : 00158007303878358
IBAN : TR02 0001 5001 5800 7303 8783 58


Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 703
Hesap Numarası : 36048881
IBAN : TR39 0003 2000 0000 0036 0488 81

Halk Bank

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 430
Hesap Numarası : 10260892
IBAN : TR73 0001 2009 4300 0010 2608 92

Deniz Bank

Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Banka Şube Kodu : 3530
Hesap Numarası : 4008807-364
IBAN : TR02 0013 4000 0040 0880 7000 20


Hesap Sahibi : Paytr Ödeme
Hesap Numarası : 10093523


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