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This privacy policy is ADAchip in order to determine the responsibilities of ADAchip The following items contain the rules for the collection and distribution of information on the website.

We will use your IP address on our servers to troubleshoot problems and manage our website. Your IP address will be used to identify you and your shopping cart and collect your explicit demographic information. All IP records in the registration, payment and shopping process will be recorded by our system for security.

Cookies are used to keep track of your shopping cart and to prevent the same ads from appearing in succession. Cookies are used to provide content for your interests and to store your password so that you do not enter the password over and over again.

ADAchip Is not responsible for the privacy policies and contents of external links on


On our site’s registration form, our users must enter their contact details (name, phone, email address), and personal information (ID Number).

We do not share the contact information we receive in this form with any persons and institutions except the official institutions. Contact information will also be used when we need to contact our users and will be shared with other official authorities who wish to contact our user.

Our users can delete their records from our system depending on their requests. It is sufficient for the user to send an e-mail to [email protected] to delete the membership registration.

Personal information will be used to authenticate our users in the system and, if necessary, to verify the identity of the person. Statistical information and profile information is also collected in our site. This information can be used in all situations. This information will be used to monitor visitor movements and provide personalized content.

Payment & Order

For some reasons, the personal information of the customer who makes payment or orders by the bank, credit card payment system agent or government agencies, payment receipt IP address etc. various information can be requested and information can be shared with these institutions.

In this case, your bank or will contact you with your registered information and request confirmation of your order. In order for your bank and to reach you, please make sure that your personal information is up-to-date and accurate when registering to our website.

Important Reminder: Your order may be canceled if your telephone number is not reached during the security check.

Please make sure that the phone number you entered on is correct. Any information regarding your order will be made through your registered phone number and your e-mail address.

Correction / Renewal

Our users have the right to change all the information stored on our website at any time. Approved members must communicate this request via live support line.

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